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Meet Riley, the #creativegenius . Fueled by kombucha and black coffee, she is the face of brilliance behind social media, graphics, websites, and marketing. You can thank her for everything you know about us so far. Riley lives in a small ski town in southwest Colorado, and spends her weekends almost exclusively outside – exploring the mountains with her Pitbull named Indigo. Her kryptonite is designer sneakers, tattoos, and charcuterie boards.  




Meet Amy, the #bossbabe . She makes the KEPHD world go round. Without her, the company would be a heap of brilliant ideas with no execution. Amy lives in Denver with her 9 year old son. She does a killer Chewbacca impression (possibly because she drinks so much Red Bull), and her favorite thing to do is play LEGO with her son! If you have the chance to meet her, you will be instant friends. She will make you smile, laugh, and feel so loved. But don’t let that smile fool you, she is a powerful #bossbabe. We’re not joking around, nothing would get done around here without her. 


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Meet Dr. Kirk, the #sparkthatstarteditall . If you’re here, you know Dr. Kirk. Chances are, you also know someone who knows him. He has his hands in everything; he is the fearless leader that’s driving this spaceship. Kirk lives in downtown Denver with his wife, 15 year old son, and 6 month old CavaPoo named Ted. He has a passion for seeing the streets of Denver restored and the homelessness eradicated. In his free time he is on the streets, loving on the broken. And when he is not doing that, he is shredding on his electric guitar